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The Haven Story:

Haven Professional Counseling, LLC was founded in September 2017 after a long journey of seeking God’s provision and timing on a dream that had formed during my years in teaching. As a middle school teacher, many times students would end up in my classroom after school or between classes needing to talk. Many of my students were experiencing trauma on a daily basis and needing someone who would see them, hear them, and lean in to help. During those years, the call and commission to help my students and walk alongside them on their journey seemed well beyond what could be offered within the limits of a teaching position. My assignment was transitioned to pursuing a counseling degree.

In 2004, I stepped out of teaching to raise a family of my own and pursue a graduate degree in Marriage and Family Counseling. During the years of starting my own family, attending graduate classes part time, and working in the world of Birth - 3 Early Intervention Services as a Developmentalist and Behavior Specialist, the vision continued to refine into not only intervention, but prevention in order to be prepared to step into the deeper work needed to meet the needs of children and their families in a world that is hurting. The work with families during those years continued to refine and prepare for what was to come from Early Intervention, to Behavior Specialist, to Mobile Therapy, to Family Based Services, to Intensive Outpatient Programming, to Outpatient Counseling in a Christian practice, God has provided me with the opportunity to walk alongside kids and families in their own homes, schools, churches, and inside my counseling office. During those years my heart continued to break for the hard places that each child and family has walked. One step at a time, the pieces began to come together.

The Oaks at Haven, Inc is a complementary non-profit to round out the needs and come alongside to fulfill all parts of the vision. Our vision is to meet the comprehensive needs of kids and families. Growing up on a farm myself, my heart is to provide a space on a farm where children and families can experience nature, animals, and farm work. I want them to be able to experience the deep healing and peace that the environment of a farm can provide, the community that comes with this lifestyle, a safe haven where they can let down the walls around their hearts, all while participating in therapy services to facilitate

that healing through relationship with

therapists who have a heart for being the

hands and feet of Jesus to a hurting world.

Haven Professional Counseling, LLC and The Oaks at Haven, Inc have formed a network of clinicians coming together with a unified vision and call. We are a group of counselors, social workers, occupational therapists, and ministry workers who work together as a team to meet the needs of each family in each location. Each clinician is uniquely and fully gifted in their own niche' and style of the therapy that they offer to those that we have the privilege of serving. We partner with our network to provide services in a variety of locations including a farm, churches, schools, and a CCSS mobile unit partnership.

Our goal is to match our people with the best fit for their needs.

Our organization serves all ages, but has an emphasis on kids, teens, and families, specializing in those who have experienced trauma. The people that we serve are confronted by the need to have access to quality care that addresses their biological, psychological, physical, social, and spiritual needs regardless of their race, culture, or socioeconomic status or having access to quality health insurance. We feel that our clients need to be in an environment where they can both feel and be safe, can build trusting relationships, and have their needs addressed with interventions that will get to the root of where they are struggling and have a life changing impact, not only for themselves but for the generations that follow by changing the trajectory of their lives, and their children’s lives by breaking generational cycles of trauma.

As we launch our non-profit, The Oaks at Haven, Inc., we are looking for partners who are interested in providing scholarship funds for the following projects at this time:

- Occupational Therapy Services with Mandy Keckler for "outside of the box" interventions including MNRI and Sensory Integration

- CCSS - Mobile Services for Beaver County Christian School students

- Marriage and Family Counseling

- (Future) Intensive and Retreat interventions

Donations can be set up here:


Jennifer Thumm, MA LPC NCC

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